NAMASTE . . .I honor the place in you where Spirit lives, I honor the place in you which is of Love, of Truth, of Light, of Peace. When you are in that place in you, and I am in that place in me, then we are One.

A reading with Karen is like a soft warm hug, it wraps you into a state of calm, peace and bliss. ~ Colleen, PA

 Karen Anderson
What transpired in my angel session between Karen, and my Angels was definitely unbelievable.  Karen knew things that I had not spoken about to anyone before, my fears, my hopes, my dreams.  It was truly a heart opening experience and I am thankful heaven brought us together.  ~ Edith, NV

Karen is uniquely gifted.  Her ways of clearly connecting with the Angelic kingdom is a rare thing.  I was floored by her clarity and insights.  ~ Gail, NY

My healing session with Karen was incredible.  My heart was aching, I had just lost my husband.  Karen easily and clearly received messages from my husband and my angels that have helped me to carry on myself and for my children.  ~ Thanks Karen, Marsha, ME

I have always been one to hand out the compliments, never one to receive them. So when Karen said what I see in her, her magnificence, is truly just a reflection of what is in me.  She said God was using her as a mirror for me, so I could see it.  I was completely floored! I had never thought of things that way before. I now see things in myself that I never did before, thanks to Karen and her own magnificent mirror she reflects out to the world. ~ I love you Karen,  Sindy, CA

Karen Anderson is simply an angel herself! The moments you spend with her is like having your heart be touched by an angel.  ~ Barbara, AZ

I have attended three of Karen’s spiritual classes and I highly recommend attending ANY class that Karen is teaching. Karen is humorous and insightful and you will be amazed and inspired by the information she has to share.  ~ Margaret, CA

I was referred to Karen through an acquaintance who had heard of her work.  He said, I can’t explain what Karen does, but whatever it is, it does seem to work.  I was nervous to call Karen, since my religious background did not include intuitive work, but I felt why not, I’ll give it a try. When I called and heard Karen’s voice, I knew that she was the one God wanted me to see, so I made an appointment.  Karen helped me through Cellular Releasing, and it was incredible. That day, I let go of many years of the same battles that had been destroying my life.  I thank God for sending me to Karen, I feel as if I have a second chance in life.  ~ T.L. CA

Dear Karen, Thank you for spending so much time with me for our phone session.  I cried, I laughed and thought this is the most amazing experience I have had in a long time.  Your were so accurate with the information, I am still stunned.  I have listened to my tape over and over and still find something new; it’s very inspirational. ~ Susan, IA

Karen Anderson is a beautiful soul that wears many hats, a powerful teacher, an incredible intuitive healer, just to name a few.  Just one session with her, you will never be the same. ~ D.G., CA

In the past, I’ve experienced people saying they were gifted and they were not. I found Karen Anderson to be extremely gifted; Karen is the real deal. The time my family and I spent with her was priceless and the information she said gave us was incredibly accurate.  I don’t think Karen realizes the impact she has on people’s lives. Karen you have made a difference in mine and my families life, God bless you.  ~J. Cheston, CA

Karen Anderson rocks! For as long as I can remember, not much in my life has made any sense.  When Karen said I was an Indigo soul and explained what that meant for me, I understood a lot more about myself and I thank her for that. ~ Christian, CA

Humble, sweet, kind, powerful, insightful are just some of the ways to describe Karen Anderson.  When you are in her huge angelic presence you feel so loved, as if the Divine Mother has blessed you personally.  When you leave her presence, she sends you on your way with a hug from her heart, that I can only describe as ‘Heaven Sent.’ Bless Karen and the work God does through her, she is truly a miracle in my life. ~ M.E., SF, CA

To describe Karen in one word it would be LOVE. ~ Judith, Karen, Mary, CA and Connie FL

You know you’ve met someone special when the first thing they say is, “It’s an honor to meet you and your Angels today”.  This is what Karen said to me when I came for my appointment.  I knew that my time with Karen would be inspiring and it definitely was.  Karen you couldn’t have made my day any brighter. ~ With Love, Maria, Oxnard, CA

I would love to see the angels that work with Karen while she does God’s work.  I know it would be an amazing sight.  Karen’s energy is wonderful, her Healing Center is filled with love, and there is a warmth that I feel there I cannot explain.  Once you enter into her Healing Center, you feel you have shut out the world. ~ Georgia, Camarillo, CA

One things for sure, you will never get any judgment from Karen ever.   When I  talked with her, I felt her accepting me as I am.  She understood the mistakes I’ve made and did not judge me at all. This is cool, I have not had this from a complete stranger ever.  Adults don’t usually have nice things to say about me, but she did, she told me things to help me feel better about myself.  She said to accept and love the person I am no matter what, believe in myself, trust what God had created me to be. Karen said no matter what I had done in my past, God and my Angels loved me, all is forgiven, I just need to forgive myself.  ~ Thanks Karen,  S.M, CA

You will only receive positive, uplifting words from Karen’s Angelic sessions, her insights made a difference in my life.  Places where she said my life could change, it did. She helped me through realizing that my thoughts could create anything I wanted or needed in my life, no matter what I had been taught when I was younger. I have to say, this was a refreshing new concept for me. Being raised in a strong Catholic home, I was not accustomed to asking for things for myself such as money or even great opportunities to make money; I always felt these were for someone else. I had been told it was against God to ask for such things. With Karen’s helpful insights, I have been able to manifest things I have longed to have.  Karen does have a special gift, and it’s the gift of pure love. ~ Annette Q., CA

When your my age of 71, you don’t think someone younger than you will have the answers your looking for.  I was very pleased in meeting with Karen, and it was obvious that her being younger, didn’t matter. Karen was warm and kind and spoke to my Dad who died when I was in my early thirties.  My Dad and I spoke for the first time since he died and it gave me peace to know he was okay, he had died tragically.  Speaking with Karen and hearing the messages from my Dad, helped me believe that life goes on.  ~ Julianne, Camarillo

I will admit it, I am a skeptic and have been a skeptical person all of my life. I met Karen and was stunned, she came out with a lot of accurate information about me. I have listened over and over to my tape, and received more information each time I have heard it.  I still feel skeptical about some things in life, but when it comes to Karen and her gift to hear the Angels, this is where I have become a believer.  ~ R. Howe